About LinkU Realty

LinkURealty has everything you need to get your website on the internet quickly and easily without having to re-invent the wheel. Since LinkU offers functionality pre-built into your website, it allows you to get your website online with all the content or pages you need at an affordable cost. We are known for our flexible and customizable websites and are one of the only companies to offer both templated layouts and custom website design.

LinkURealty is a privately owned affiliate of LinkUSystems, Inc., which has been involved exclusively in website development and marketing since 2003. Based out of Riverside, California, LinkURealty is locally grown, though nationally recognized.

Before LinkUSystems, Inc. evolved, we specialized in general web development and design. Competition in web design and web hosting services had become too generic and intense in the last few years, and it became obvious a change was needed. LinkUSystems saw a need for higher quality, more useable, expandable, yet affordable websites, so they launched LinkURealty. LinkUSystems, Inc. worked with real estate agents to develop and create the ultimate real estate website and service. Since then LinkURealty has proven to be a huge success.

LinkURealty is the most affordable and flexible real estate website solution available today. We offer features and design options no other company can compare with, in addition we provide the highest quality in client support, for example 365 day live support. LinkURealty strives to be the best available real estate website service provider, not only providing real estate website services, but expanding our services to offer integrated lead management, expanded online marketing services, lead generation and more.