From Start to Finish, LinkURealty is There For You.
We don't just sell you a website, then send you out to fend for yourself. We can help you the entire way, from creation to marketing, with our streamlined setup process, online training, coaching and exceptional technical support.
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LinkURealty provides a dedicated Project Manager to guide you in creating a great looking web site, and will help you get online quickly.
We teach You How to Create a Truly Successful Online Presence
LinkURealty provides more than a website. In addition to providing advanced, easy to use websites and marketing tools, we offer online training to our clients and show them how to use these tools to be successful online.
What Our Clients are Saying...

I went with 3 large companies and one private HTML author over the past 9 years since we started Paris911. All were very disappointing with the exception of LinkUSystems. I have probably dealt with all of their staff at one time or another, not due to their issues, but due to me wanting everything exactly perfect in my mind's eye. They have been there each and every time and their support is better than any other vendor we have.

Paris & Connor MacIvor

I have a professional product that I can send people to that is very well laid out. LinkU is creative and I believe I'm working with a company that will stay ahead of the curve for Realtors. Overall my service is not just impressive, it's effective!

Jason & Amber Gardner

LinkUrealty came to me with a mountain to climb because of my negative experiences with previous website vendors. From design to customer support, this company has far exceeded my expectations, and set a standard of professionalism I didn't believe existed in the web site vendor space. I would recommend LinkUrealty for their quality product and commitment to customer service that is unmatched in the business.

Sean Daryani

Our real estate business model entirely depends on our website so it has to look great and rank high. We are often told that our customers "pre-approved" of us on the basis of our website, even before we had personal contact.

Mary Fish

When I found LinkURealty I was about to give up finding any solution to my need for web design that didn't cost tens of thousands of dollars. For less than others were asking for as a deposit I got a fantastic site with lots of customization that sets my web site apart for any other in the country. I would recommend LinkURealty because the have a great product, terrific support and the best value on the internet.

Herb Schmoll

My website with LinkUSystems was one of the best investments for my business ad dollars. My site puts forth a professional image which stands apart from my local competitors. I love my ability to check web stats at anytime too! Wes Rocha has always been there for me. I don't need his help or advice very often but when I do, I am never put off but rather given "immediate attention."

Carol King