Looking for a Turn Key FSBO, Flat Fee or Rental Website System?
We have the solution! Our FS Websites can be used for rentals or flat fee brokerages to streamline your sign up process and help get you more listings and leads.
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Give Owners Control of their Listing
Let the owners list and manage their properties on your website anywhere, anytime. Owners can manage photos, listing status, listing description, print flyers and much more!
Accept Payments from Owners Online
You can allow Owners to list for free, or purchase listing packages online using a credit card (with Authorize.NET), PayPal, or check.
Sell Advertising Space
Recoup your investment or hosting costs, or create an additional stream of revenue by selling advertising space on your website, or adding Affiliate or Google AdSense ads.
Syndicate Your Listings to the Web
Easily syndicate listings to websites like ByOwnerMLS , Rentbits and more!
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Professional Web Designs
We've taken our years of design and layout experience and created professional designs that produce results. We can also offer many other design add-ons and upgrades, including custom designs.
Everything you Need for a Flat Fee, For Sale or For Rent by Owner Website!
  • Pre-built affordable website system.
  • Sellers can manage their owner property.
  • Optionally charge fees for listings.
  • Serve regions by State or Nationally.
  • And Much More...
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FS fsbopro For sale OR rent by owners
Starting at...
per month
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  • E-mail, Phone & Chat Support
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Coverage for 1 State**
  • For Sale OR For Rent
  • Single Listing Accounts
  • Up to 500 Listings OR 500 MB*
  • E-mail Marketing Suite
  • 1 FREE Year of LinkUStats
  • 6 Months FREE VoiceConnect
  • See All Features
FS Professional For sale & rent by owners
Starting at...
per month
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  • E-mail, Phone & Chat Support
  • 365 Day After Hour Support
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Coverage for Up to 3 States**
  • For Sale & For Rent
  • Single & Multi-Listing Accounts
  • Up to 750 Listings OR 750 MB*
  • Agent/Company Profiles
  • E-mail Marketing Suite
  • 1 FREE Year of LinkUStats
  • 6 Months FREE VoiceConnect
  • See All Features
FS National Nationwide for sale & for rent
Starting at...
per month
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  • E-mail, Phone & Chat Support
  • 365 Day After Hour Support
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Coverage for Up to 50 States
  • For Sale & For Rent Listings
  • Single & Multi-Listing Accounts
  • Up to 1000 Listings OR 1 GB*
  • Agent/Company Profiles
  • E-mail Marketing Suite
  • 1 FREE Year of LinkUStats
  • 6 Months FREE VoiceConnect
  • See All Features

*Monthly fees based on amount of listings, bandwidth or disk space, whichever occurs first. Disk space and listing limit can be upgraded at anytime.
**Additional coverage of States can be purchased at an additional cost of $5/mo.

Why do we need to host your website? We are a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider. When comparing our services against a general web hosting company, keep in mind: support, real estate tools, features and website management. These are things you do not get with general web hosting and are only available with a provider like us. We continue to improve and update our system with the newest technology so your site is virtually future proof (aside from a minor design face lift here and there).

What is an SaaS provider? Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet. Unlike traditional software, conventionally sold as a perpetual license with an associated up-front fee (and, typically, smaller ongoing support fees), SaaS providers generally price applications using a subscription fee, most commonly a monthly fee or an annual fee. Consequently, the initial setup cost for SaaS is typically lower than the equivalent, since it is already built and the cost is spread out among a group, rather then one entity absorbing all the setup and maintenance costs. This in turn, helps you keep your costs down and gives you a one source contact for all your website needs, rather then to outsource to third parties, which can cost more money, and more frustration. It also allows us to update our system and continually add more helpful features for you to use.

What happens if I go over my disk space or bandwidth? Do you automatically upgrade me? Less than 1% of our clients go over their disk space or bandwidth. In the unlikely event you are over your disk space amount, we will contact you by e-mail and/or phone to let you know that you are over your space. From there you will have until your next billing date to correct the issue, such as deleting old listings, files or e-mail from your WebMail. If it is best for you to upgrade, then you can choose to upgrade at that time or we will upgrade you on your next billing cycle to the next available plan or add-on disk space or bandwidth package, whichever cost is less. In addition to disk space e-mail alerts, you can also view your disk space anytime from your website admin control panel.

Can I purchase additional bandwidth or diskspace if I need it? Yes, additional bandwidth and diskspace can be added on to your package, however the amounts included are plenty for 99% of our clients. If you are in need of additional disk space or bandwidth, please contact us for pricing.

FS Standard $149 per month Get Quote
FS Professional $179 per month Get Quote
FS National $249 per month Get Quote
View and manage customer accounts and orders from your admin.
Enable or disable features based on package, such as FlyerCreator and more.
Indicate a time period for listing packages, as little as 3 days or List Until its Sold.
You can administer and modify all customer listings from your admin.
Mobile site to view and search listings.
Broker Features
Integrates into PayPal or your merchant account using Authorize.NET.
Supports single listing accounts, such as FSBOs or sellers.
Optionally charge sellers or agents to add property listings on your site.
Create promotion/coupon codes to offer instant discounts.
Offer special trial period pricing or free trials for listings.
Offer discounted listing packages to multi-listing accounts.
Sell upgrade items, such as signs and other upgrades.
Allows multi-listing accounts to create profiles with logo.
Supports multi-listing accounts for agents, investors or builders.
Lead Generation & Management
Listing leads can be e-mailed directly to the customer, or restrict them to go to you.
Customers complete a Listing Removal Survey when the remove their listing.
Listing Management
Allow customers to manage their own property listings and more.
Customers can print listing flyers with our FlyerCreator.
Allow customers to add their own listings and photos.
Can be used to list rental property or vacation property.
Share documents, such as listing forms, e.t.c. with customers.
Customers can add Open House dates, which display on your website.
You can allow customers to add virtual tours to their listings.
Optionally review listings before they are displayed on your site.
Customers can easily update their listing status, such as Pending or Sold.
Listing expiration warnings and notifications are e-mail automatically.
Allow visitors to search properties on your site.
Allows customers to list For Sale listings.
Allows multiple States, or Nationwide coverage area.
Allows customers to list For Sale AND For Rent listings.