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Specialized Advanced Access & Agent Advantage Transition Team

On January 12th, the Advanced Access & Agent Advantage websites will be redirected to Homes Connect websites, however no content will be transferred. This means any ranking, content, listings and all other data on the website will be lost after the transition. LinkU has decided to offer special transfer services exclusively for Advanced Access and Agent Advantage members to help you keep as much data as possible from your existing Advanced Access or Agent Advantage website. LinkURealty has no relationship or affiliation with Advanced Access, Agent Advantage, or Dominion.

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Build Your Brand

48% of people cited a website's design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business*

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Stand Out as a Pro

94% of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website**

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Design is the first impression your visitors get and says a lot about the quality they can expect when working with you!


More and more consumers are using smart phones to access the internet, a number that increases daily! Are you stuck in the stone age with a site that can't be rendered in a mobile device? If the answer is yes, you are completely locked out of this trending demographic.

Social Media

Do you have access to Social Media marketing features? This has quickly become the broadest and most efficient way to network with friends, family and prospects, and should be an integral part of your online marketing plan.


Most agents simply lack the know how to effectively use the internet. Most website companies don't offer much guidance which is key to success. Getting results isn't difficult when you know what you are doing, which means a great support system and ongoing training is absolutely necessary to build an effective online presence!

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Believe it or not these items are all equal in value. If your current setup does not include a quality solution for each area, you are—without question—behind the times. If you are interested in a free evaluation to determine how to get your website up to speed with today's technology, fill out the form below so we can show you how!