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Easily Import, Manage, Tag and Categorize Your Leads and Contacts

Our light-weight contact management system has everything you need to organize and follow up with your leads, prospects, and clients.

Automated Personal Follow Up System

Use our turn-key follow-up campaigns, to automatically nurture and keep in touch with existing prospects, or past clients using texts, e-mails, voicemail, postcards, re-targeting and more!

Automatically Display Ads to Prospects & Past Clients

Using a strategy known as retargeting, we can automatically show your ads to your past prospects and their friends, existing prospects, or even your website visitors. This helps you stay top of mind for new prospects and increases referrals from past clients.

The Ultimate Top of Mind Strategy

We offer retargeting ads for Facebook, Instagram and Google to stay in front of your prospects no matter where they are online.

Increase Conversions & Save Money

With retargeting you are only displaying ads to people who have already interacted with you, or your brand in some way, which saves you money and increases conversions.

Capture More Leads with Our LeadGen Pages

With our turn-key landing page, you can capture buyer and seller leads easier than ever before. Plus, with our Fetch integration, you can even get contact details from just the address!

A Beautiful & Effective Website Designed to Generate Leads

We analyzed the best real estate sites on the internet and combined them with the most effective marketing strategies to create the ultimate real estate website.

Innovative MLS/IDX Search Solutions

We offer a variety of options for IDX, from basic to advanced solutions, including map search, email notifications and more.

Why Choose LinkU? LinkU will help you to:

On-Going Training & Support

We offer easy to follow live training, courses and support to help you get the most from your time, money and effort.

How it Works

Choose the package that best fits you and if you'd like full service or self-serve. Follow the onboard and setup instructions. Launch your follow up campaign!